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Ocean State Jobbersoceanstate.jpg

Dice completed the removal of approximately 7 miles of conveyors, extendiveyors, spiral conveyors and de-paletizers at a decommissioned Target warehouse just north of Calgary. This facility was the main distribution hub for Target in Western Canada. All the equipment that was removed was crated and shipped for reuse at other facilities across the continent.

Tiger-Sul (HJ Baker)tigersul.jpg

Dice installed a new sulfur process line at Tiger-Sul’s Irricana site in Alberta. This process line will allow Tiger-Sul to produce and ship a new product line. This install consists of steam jacketed process piping, conveyors, bucket elevators, and specialty equipment specific for the production of this new product line.

Calgary Airport Authoritycalgaryairport.jpg

Dice completed the installation of a new, first of its kind baggage handling system in North America.  This system consisted of approximately 10 km of baggage handling conveyor complete with lifts, raceways, x-ray machines, carousels, transfer conveyors, and storage racks. It will service YYC’s current passenger base and will be able to provide capacity for their projected passenger base in the near future.

Cargill Foods – Box Handling System cargillfoods.jpg

Dice installed a fully automated box handling system capable of handling 50,000 boxes per day for Cargill Foods at their high river plant. This system consisted of 4.5 km of conveyor spread across multiple levels, 15 high speed automated cranes, 4 high speed Daifuku unit cranes, 4 sorters and numerous product line tie-ins to the existing facility, along with access platforms and catwalks. 

Cargill Foods – Fluidized Bed Boiler Projectcargill.jpg

In 2012 Dice installed a Fluidized Bed Boiler (waste recovery) system capable of generating electricity through the use of a high pressure steam turbine. The steam used to spin the turbine is produced from the burning of waste products created within their facility. This system was comprised of a high pressure fluidized bed boiler capable of generating super-heated steam at 775 psi and 800 F, Screw conveyors, loading bins, screw feeder bins, high and low pressure piping, economizer, combustor and the associated support structures and access catwalks/ platforms. Multiple lifts were performed in order to get all the equipment placed as the boiler sits 60 feet in the air and weighs 250,000lbs and contains 13,000 gallons of water and generates 16,000 bhp.

Bayer Crop Sciencebayer.jpg

Working with Bayer Crop Science, Dice completed installing a new state of the art seed cleaning and sorting process for their Lethbridge, Alberta facility. This expansion effectively doubles the tonnage of seed they will be able to clean and ship. The equipment utilized in this expansion includes, but is not limited to, bucket elevators, drag conveyors, Cimbria seed cleaning machines, Spiral box seed sorters, bulk weighers. 

West Coast Reductions- Scrubber Duct, North Plant to South Plant

Dice fabricated and installed a new stainless steel Scrubber Duct at West Coast Reductions in Calgary. The ducting is approximately 200 feet in length and 78 inches in diameter, all seal welded fabrication. This project included design, supply and fabrication of all supports, expansion joints and modulating damper sections. The new air scrubbing process will allow further odor reduction by delivering process exhaust through a secondary scrubber system.



Graymont Exshaw- Ore Sorter

               Graymont 4.jpg                         Graymont 3.jpg
Dice recently completed the Mechanical installation of the new Ore Sorter Equipment at the Graymont facility in Exshaw, Alberta. Process equipment including three 200MTPH transfer belt conveyors, one 100mt capacity surge bin and two 100MTH Ore Sorter X-Ray units complete with feeders and Glycol cooling. Included in this project was the installation of process piping and dust collection systems. The entire system was commissioned and tested prior to final shutdown to tie into the existing process without interference of ongoing production. Installation of this equipment will assist with the life expectancy of the quarry. 

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